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    Join A Club

    Learn how to become a club member or executive.?

    Club Directory

    Find out what clubs exist, and how to start a new one.

    Club Resources

    Documents and Policies? for club executives.

    Who We Are

    Meet the club support staff ?and how they n help.



    Student Services

    We deliver relevant services to support undergraduate students, such as Peer and Food Support initiatives, your Health and Bus Plans, and Inclusivity programs.

    USC Operations

    With a focus on students serving students, our Operations deliver exception service while providing employment and development opportunities for our part-time staff.

    UCC Shops and Services

    The University Community Centre is home to a wide range of services that support and complement life at Western.





    Council Meeting

    2018-19 Council, Meeting 6

    6th Meeting of Council, 2018-19 Meeting Details Meeting #6 Date: January 30, 2019 Lotion: UCC Community Room Agenda and Documents Agenda Minutes of the 5th Meeting (for approval) Minutes will be approved at the following meeting and posted here at that time. Video All Council meetings are live streamed at?http://www.57uegf4w.tw/live ?Council Meeting Archives Searching for

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